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Loan for dental treatment

The dental treatment loan is sometimes a whole new type of loan. In other cases, it is simply a personal or credit loan used to pay the dentist’s bill. Read therefore immediately, what are the characteristics of the individual loans and for which credit you should decide.

First decision criterion: the total cost

The cost estimate, which is often called by dentists treatment and cost plan, already indicates a fairly precise magnitude of the expected additional payments beyond the cash contribution for crowns, bridges and high-quality fillings. If this is a comparatively small amount, you should simply finance it using the disposition credit of your checking account. Because with that you would avoid a too long repayment phase and thus accruing interest. So from a repayment period of 6 months or more, you should choose another variant for the loan for dental treatment.

The financing mediated through the dentist

With the increasing co-payments of the insured and also an even higher quality of the dental services a new kind of financing has become established. Many dentists now offer not only precious metals as long-lasting filling material but also the financing for dentures. The dentist does not act as a financing partner, but forwards the loan request to a specialized company that also has a license to do banking business.

Whether you use this option is entirely up to you. Nevertheless, you should also check and compare the terms and conditions in terms of interest and duration. After all, this offer does not come from the dentist himself, to whom you legitimately have a good relationship of trust, but from the financing partner. Therefore, you should also know no inhibitions, a proposal may even refuse once.

The retail loan as a dental loan

The retail loan as a dental loan

The most common is the classic financing of dental treatment via a personal loan. If you use an Internet comparison, then you can find the best interest and even save money against the house bank. From the risk assessment, the credit for dental treatment is not very critical, because there are no huge sums as in the purchase of real estate. In addition, you create the added value of health for yourself! When determining the term and the monthly installment, it is best to proceed in such a way that repayment from your monthly budget surplus is easily possible and you do not have to restrict yourself too much.