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A payday loan for a statement

In order to simplify payday loan formalities, some non-bank companies went a step further. We no longer need to provide income certificates – all we need is a declaration about their amount. payday loans for the statement seem to be what the short-time market missed. Let’s take a closer look at this product.

Although the rules of lenders on the online market are practically the same, some discrepancies can be seen at the stage of completing the temporary form. A standard payday loan application includes questions about personal ID data and income. The truthfulness of the earnings data provided is to be confirmed by the certificate of earnings issued by the employer.

However, lenders are increasingly leaving this requirement and do not want to involve the client in the next steps. A visit to the employer to issue the required certificate requires additional time. Borrowers, in turn, want to get through the application process as quickly as possible. What’s more, in many cases non-bank customers get their income from various sources. Therefore, they do not have one permanent employer who could issue such a certificate, which is why such a condition is not welcomed by them.

The antidote to the above problems seems to be payday loans for a statement, which we will receive only on the basis of an identity card. The table below presents the brands that these products offer:

A payday loan for a statement, or what do I have to declare?

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In the case of payday loans for the statement, we do not have to provide any additional documents. This does not mean, however, that lenders are not interested in our income at all. In the temporary application we will still meet with a question about their amount – no one will, however, require confirmation of the declared state of affairs from us.

No need to present any confirmations may, of course, give rise to the temptation to secure the issue of earnings. However, the lenders have their own way. For example, in the case of people employed on the basis of a contract of employment or contracts – orders ask for information on the place where we work. Therefore, it is likely that in case of doubt, they will contact our employer to confirm whether we are telling the truth.

Another way to assess our veracity is also to view the history of our bank account . If, for example, we confirm your identity with a verification application, the lender can view not only our personal data, but also the regularity and amount of transfers affecting our account. And this is quite strong evidence for him that we have not lied about income when applying.

Of course, any such action requires our consent. However, if we accept the terms of borrowing in a given company, we issue a permit for such control.

A payday loan for a statement – is it worth it or not?

Using a payday loan for a statement, we certainly save our time. We will submit the application in a few minutes, and with the lender’s approval, the money on the account can be on the same day. So if we want to receive the payday quickly, this solution will certainly work in our situation.

Remember, however, that in the case of payday loans for a statement, lenders can pay more attention to our current financial activities. They need to be sure that granting us a payday loan will not affect their interests. So before we reach for this product, it is worth to improve your financial image, eg in debtors’ databases.