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Another loan? See how to lower its costs

The best loan terms are usually offered to new clients of a given company. But regular borrowers can also count on special privileges that will allow them to borrow money even cheaper. See what to do to pay for less than what the price table suggests!

More and more non-bank companies are beginning to appreciate the loyalty of their regular customers. Therefore, they offer loans on preferential terms. Of course, in order to take advantage of such a discount, you must ‘live in harmony’ with a given lender, ie, for example, timely settle all your existing obligations in a given company. Sometimes, however, this condition alone is not enough, and the client will have to do something else. Here’s what they usually require the lender in exchange for reducing the cost of another minute!

Participation in educational programs

Another loan can be cheaper if you join the so-called benefits Program. By participating in this action you will be able to reduce the costs of next payday by up to 45%. It is enough that in addition to building a positive credit history in debtors’ databases, you will take courses in financial education on theĀ  platform.

You will not get the maximum discount for your next minute right away. Its amount will be calculated in accordance with the amount of loans repaid and the courses you pass. At the beginning, you can count on reducing the cost of the loan by 28% or 36%.

The conditions set are very simple to implement. It seems that the company wants to not only take care of the state of your portfolio, but also provide you with the necessary knowledge in the field of finance. So let’s devote a few minutes a day to the required courses, and thanks to this you will get not only financial but also educational benefits.

Several loans in one company

Several loans in one company

Lenders often also charge rebates to people who systematically use their services. Customers who submit a loan application in this institution for the seventh and subsequent time, gives 20% discount from the price given in the Table of Fees. For example, for a loan of PLN 1,000 for 30 days instead of PLN 274, you will pay about PLN 220.

Of course, you do not have to wait until the seventh application to get any rebate in this company. Loan providers already rewards customers lending there for the second time. These people get a 5% discount. With the third and fourth loans, the rebate increases by 10%, and at five and six by 15%. The more often you use services, the more you can save on it!

Here, it is much better to be a regular customer of the company, because such people can count on the biggest discounts. A suitable tariff is allocated to every person submitting an application to this institution. Details about each level can be found by clicking the following link.

The best conditions are provided by the VIP fare. Being in this group, you can take out a loan, the price of which is 0.25% per day, and with payables up to 5 days you will not pay any fees. The new client, on the other hand, has to take into account costs ranging from 18% to 30% of the loan amount. Therefore, the more often you borrow, the sooner you will be in the VIP category, and thus you will pay less for loans!