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Payday Loan Without Formalities Can You Still Get Such a Loan?

Payday loan without formalities in the bank? Unfortunately, there is no loan that we get in the bank without any formalities. At most, these formalities may be limited to the necessary minimum.

What documents are required by the bank when applying for a payday loan?

What documents are required by the bank when applying for a cash loan?

First of all, it is:

1. Identity card or passport . A document that confirms our identity, age and nationality. In the case of foreigners staying in Poland, a passport and a residence card are required.

2. Certificate of income . It is necessary to calculate your creditworthiness. Additionally, it will be required to present the source of their obtaining, and in the case of a contract for a definite period, it is often required to terminate it. The bank may also ask us for the spouse’s income or his consent to take out a loan.

In the case of retirees and pensioners, it is necessary to provide documents in the form of a retirement / disability pension.

Persons running a business attach a certificate from the Social Insurance Institution on non-payment of insurance premiums and a certificate from the Tax Office.

3. Completed loan application . In the loan application, we provide, among other things, the amount of the loan for which we apply and the loan period.

Before answering the question: do we get a payday loan, the bank must examine our creditworthiness and creditworthiness at Database. It is only after the analysis that it makes a decision whether to grant us credit or our application will be rejected.

Check below, where for a payday loan with a minimum of formalities.

Cash loan without formalities

Payday loan without formalities? No. But maybe the minimum of formalities

A payday loan with a minimum of formalities means that the entire procedure for applying for a loan is limited to the minimum necessary. The vast majority of loans and payday loans are liabilities up to 10,000. Euro with a relatively short loan period. A bank with these types of loans usually does not require any additional collateral.

The process of applying for a payday loan in a bank may take from one day to several days. The longer processing time usually results from the fact that we did not provide all the required documents or wrongly filled out the loan application.

Currently, there are such facilities that in many banks we can apply for a payday loan via the internet, and the entire procedure of borrowing is also carried out online.

In addition to a payday loan via the Internet, we also find payday loans for the statement. Instead of providing a certificate of income and employment, the bank will ask for a personal statement. However, such a payday loan for a statement mainly concerns those clients of banks who have a personal account in a given bank and apply for a small loan.

Payday loan without Database? No such

The Bank always (it results from the provisions of the Act) will check our credit history in the Credit Information Bureau (Database). Database is an institution that collects information about loans and credits taken out by us.

In assessing the credit history at Database, the timeliness of settling liabilities, sending credit inquiries to banks or the tendency to use credit products are taken into account.

The Database scoring assessment is decisive for whether we get a loan from the bank or not. The higher it is, the more likely we can get a loan.

The assessment of creditworthiness and credit rating are two factors that will determine the client’s assessment and on this basis the bank decides whether and under what conditions it will grant us a loan.

It is worth mentioning that each bank calculates creditworthiness a bit differently, which may mean that in one bank our application may be rejected and accepted in another.